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      Our boat cover support system cables for sale are constructed of galvanized cable, coated with vinyl. We do recommend placing a small piece of foam, non-abrasive fabric or simply shop rags between cable and windshield frame to avoid wear. Cable grippers are now larger and much stronger than early models. Best performance is achieved by anchoring to 3 points near the bow of your boat and 5 points toward the stern with, 2 that crisscross and 3 that run from center bow point which then spread out and separate at stern like the pattern shown in the boat drawing with purple lines below. The 2017 model has 5 strands so one can go down the center.

     We support our products with a 3 year warranty. This includes workmanship, labor, grippers). If you'd simply like to replace your cables every once in a while, that "Cable-only" package is located in our products page. This also enables you to choose a change in cable color. System is designed for heavy constant rain and up to 75mph winds. System is not designed for heavy snow loads. If you are using a cover that has been stretched out it will likely always puddle no matter what is supporting it. Cover or tarp must be kept TIGHT.Sometimes after a season or two there may be some mineral build up on the grippers from rain-fall and dust. Just lightly lubricate slide channels with a cotton swab, being careful not to lubricate serrated teeth, and they will continue to serve you for many years. Cut-out diagram of gripper is shown on tutorials page. In fact, we have never seen a gripper mechanism fail yet!


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