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We recently purchased your boat cover system and it really does work great. Our windshield is not as tall as some, but the cables seem to stay tight and strong and the water does not puddle anymore. Thank you!

- Family from Illinois

I bought your system and installed it. Sure enough, the rain runs off and won't puddle any longer. That has been such a massive headache for a long time. Hoping it handles the snow just as well.

- Gentleman from Ohio

In the fall I spent the money for your tarp support and it works well even with my tarp. I wasn’t looking forward to the cost of a cover and this is working for now. Much lower cost. Thanks for a great product.

- Gentleman from California

Great product. Thank you for solving this problem. It is such a mess to face in the rain. Now I don't have to go get nasty in the cold and drain the water.

- Family from Utah

Works Great!!!

- Gentleman from Nebraska

I like how this system works! Thanks

- Lady from Wisconsin