For Best Results
  1. Photography is quite effective in the morning hours.
  2. Inform your neighbors of your intention to simply get your property documented in this manner. Reassure them that their property will not be documented.
  3. We do not take photos of identifiable persons. i.e., (photos which reveal a persons identity.)
  4. Time required for typical residential service is 1 hour. Commercial takes much more if full package is chosen.
  5. Signing admittance waiver in advance gives our company the flexibility to arrive on a good weather day.
  6. Main aerial business hours are 7:45am--12:45pm M-F, PST.
  7. Payment accepted as credit or debit card via Square reader, PayPal reader or as cash. Payment done at time of appt.

If your location is near an airport or other highly regulated or federal property, let me know and I will do the research to find what can or cannot be done, this research time is included in the applicable package price. The legality and risks associated with all operations are my responsibility as RPIC (remote pilot in command). I am also insured for physical damages to customer and non-customer property if they were ever to occur.

*Above ground level
-We can also provide services from stationary and moving watercraft

Free Shipping when you

order 2 or more items.

Significant value benefits when selling or leasing a property.

  • Give your prospective buyers photos that fully document your property
  • Help them avoid anxiety over their purchase by letting them see everything from every view
  • Give them what they could not get from other brokers
  • Leave them with all confidence and every reason to sign

Residential exterior photo media package =$220

  • All exterior angles of all structures including Roof, usually taken at approx 30-50ft AGL*.
  • Large angle photos of entire property from N S E W, usually taken at approx 150-200ft AGL*.
  • Large photo directly overhead entire property N S E W, usually taken at approx 340-375ft AGL*.
  • 5-key photos of your choice (Exterior) that you feel will highlight your property value

         or key prospective buyer's interest.

  • All photos taken in full size RAW format (each photo ~15Mb) plus smaller res. (each photo ~3-6Mb)

             FAA Certified Pilots                    Reliable                    Responsible                    Focused                    Insured