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Multi-perspective property views

Aerial drone Real Estate Photograpy services

Clear and Sharp Aerial Perspectives

             FAA Certified Pilots                    Reliable                    Responsible                    Focused                    Insured          

Search and Rescue

Building Projects

We provide aerial photography for events and all property real estate. This could also just be positive publicity of any outdoor event. Please submit a detailed request for quote on our "Contact Us For bidding projects" page.

Full Property Documentation

Services included in pricing:
  • Your ability to act as CoPilot to our pilot during operations
  • All FAA airspace research and stringent adherence to drone use laws
  • Insurance related to the operation
  • Travel fuel and lodging
  • Incidentals
  • Bidding related work


I am an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Pilot. I also spent 8 years working for a well known Columbia Gorge unmanned aircraft company and enjoyed it very much. My schedule for 2017-18 is beginning to get booked. Please send us your requests soon so we can see about booking during 2017. We can operate during cold and hot conditions. The only conditions that prevent operations are rain, snow and fog.